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The first Women Who Succeed conference held on May 14th was a huge success! We had approximately 225 attendees, our speakers from Women Who Succeed were phenomenal, and our mentees and mentors were able to meet in person! The speakers were knowledgeable and inspiring followed by a reception with appetizers, music, a photo booth, and representation from 8 colleges and universities around the state who brought enrollment information for the young women. Thank you all who attended and for those who gave their time to present!

Watch all presenters below

Women, Money & Power by Jacki Zehner and Rose Maizner

Jacki Zehner describes herself as a financial feminist. The latest Global Gender Gap Report states that at the current rate of change, it will take over 135 years to reach gender parity, and for Jacki, that’s completely unacceptable. As the founder of ShePlace, she plans to bring all of her decades of experience championing for the advancement of women and girls under one umbrella. Jacki learned quite a lot about finance while working at Goldman Sachs, where at the age of 32, she became the youngest woman and the first female trader to make partners. Jacki dove into philanthropy full force, serving on many women-focused non-profit boards, giving through her family foundation, and co-founding a global philanthropic network called Women Moving Millions, through which members have collectively provided over one billion dollars with a gender lens. Jacki is committed to becoming more intentional in her efforts to champion the field of gender-lens investing, as well as doing all she can to help women develop a healthier relationship with their financial resources.

Rose Maizner has spent the past ten years as an investment professional, focusing on climate, gender, and impact-related investing. Rose works with the team at ShePlace to build community, develop resources, and create strategies designed to unlock more capital for women/non-binary founders and fund managers. Rose is also the co-founder of Womenpreneurs, a professional collective dedicated to closing the gender gap by empowering women entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors.

Build Your Own Future Through Entrepreneurship

Did you know that Utah since 2018 has been ranked in the top 2 states to start a business? The path to entrepreneurship is filled with struggles, wins, risks, and huge rewards. These founders and CEOs will speak on their path to entrepreneurship, the setbacks they faced, the personal growth and satisfaction they experienced, and how students can already begin considering a career as a business owner.


Cristina Bolanos (BYU MPA Candidate 2023, Journalist)


Yasmin Khan (the founder and CEO of Khalm Skincare)

Brandy Vega (the CEO of Vega Media Studios)

Sheridan Mordue (the owner of Hip & Humble)

Thriving in a Male-Dominated Field

The rate of Utah women entering the workforce has grown at 8% per decade for the last 50 years. With this growth, Utah women are quickly advancing organizational and industrial transformation. Join us and learn what can be done to unleash women’s potential as changemakers. Participants will hear firsthand from successful women in varied male-dominated fields about their chosen career paths, allyship and mentorship, and lessons learned.


Cristina Bolanos (BYU MPA Candidate 2023, Journalist)


Flavia Rydin (Commercial Banker at JPMorgan Chase & Co.)

Kimberlee Reese (President at Total Care Auto powered by Landcar)

Jennifer Hall (Supervising Engineer at WSP USA)

Jennie Tanner (the owner of Tanner Glass & Hardware LLC)

Make the Ask!

Often, NEGOTIATING makes us feel anxious, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful event. We negotiate every day – in our personal and work lives. And it’s incredibly important that we do! A few small changes can make a very big difference. Learn how to negotiate without fear or anxiety in a way that’s not threatening. You don’t have to change who you are to become a better negotiator; you just have to “MAKE THE ASK”!

Jennifer Danielson is a healthcare executive who is passionate about harnessing the power of technology and data to serve people. Over the course of two+ decades, she has held many leadership positions that include serving as President of a billion-dollar division of a 9+ billion-dollar company, and as a Senior Vice President for that same parent company. She and her husband live in Farmington, Utah, and are the parents of a blended family of 5 children, and four step-grandchildren.

Phillip Danielson is a national thought leader in negotiation training and executive decision-making. He is the president of TBN Management Consulting, a company that trains and coaches business executives and leaders throughout the United States. Phil has taught MBA and undergraduate students at universities and colleges in the US and Asia. Phil has practiced law and started several businesses. Before that, he was a US Air Force officer and nuclear missile combat crew commander. He earned his Juris Doctorate and Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University.

Breaking Down Beauty

We live in a world full of unrealistic beauty “standards” that create insecurities for people of all ages, races, ethnicities, and/or gender identities. These harmful messages contribute to low self-esteem, eating disorders, depression, and a high cost of both time and money. So how can we use fashion and beauty products to creatively express who we are, but in a way that doesn’t give in to the ideals that capitalism has constructed in order to create this $500+ billion-dollar industry?

Join Madison Limansky of ShePlace to explore this complex topic. Madi Limansky brings a diverse background of 17 years in fashion and production to the role of Chief Operating Officer of ShePlace. In conjunction with her degree in gender studies, Madi’s career in fashion has created a passion and expertise in both technical media and event production, as well as advocacy for both de-and re-constructing conventional gender roles and beauty standards.

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