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We HEAR Her is a podcast highlighting stories and lessons learned from our colorful network of Women Who Succeed. We believe that women empower women by sharing their experiences and are impactful changemakers when they serve as role models to girls following in their path. So, listen in women and girls of Utah, we can’t wait for you to hear her!

Sui Lang Panoke, Zions Bank Senior Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and founder of Rethink International, Rethink Tank, and Women Politics Media, was born and raised in Utah but took the leap early in her career to intentionally immerse herself in what she did not see here – adequate representation of women that shared her perspective. And, as it turns out, she found what she was looking for while living on Capitol Hill for 13 years. The experience was life-changing; for the first time, she saw women who talked like her, looked like her, and thought like her and this solidarity resulted in an unmatched layer of confidence that has propelled her successful craft. Listen in to hear the amazing ways that Sui Lang is welcoming allies to the table and starting conversations that tackle big issues around unconscious bias and creating inclusive cultures in the workplace. Thank you, Sui Lang, for challenging us to recognize it, talk about it, and invest in it – because what we do know is that Utah women care far more about making an impact than just making it!

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