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We HEAR Her is a podcast highlighting stories and lessons learned from our colorful network of Women Who Succeed. We believe that women empower women by sharing their experiences and are impactful changemakers when they serve as role models to girls following in their path. So, listen in women and girls of Utah, we can’t wait for you to hear her!

Davis Smith, founder & CEO of Cotopaxi, spent most of his childhood in Latin America where his spirit for adventure and heart for humanitarian work was born. Being exposed to a variety of cultures, Davis gained a unique appreciation for diversity and that, coupled with his entrepreneurial vision, has become the outdoor gear brand that we know and love! Cotopaxi believes the products that get us exploring can make a positive impact on other people’s lives. And that is why they create sustainably designed outdoor gear that fuels both adventure and global change. Thank you, Davis for all that Gear for Good does improve our world and the people in it. Woman Who Succeed is thrilled to have you as a male-ally in our community. Listen in to hear Davis share his thoughts on creating diversity, advocating for women’s leadership in business, and how adventure can turn into global change.

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