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We HEAR Her is a podcast highlighting stories and lessons learned from our colorful network of Women Who Succeed. We believe that women empower women by sharing their experiences and are impactful changemakers when they serve as role models to girls following in their path. So, listen in, women and girls of Utah; we can’t wait for you to hear her!

Dr. Lindsay Wilner is the founding director of the Christmas Box House, a center for at-risk children removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. In this episode, Lindsay shares how wrestling with her own midlife crisis inspired her to write a screenplay titled Ledge Dweller, dedicated to all women seeking rebirth in their middle age. This screenplay process gave Lindsay more insight into the filming industry and the need to support women behind the lens. Lindsay also produced a horror movie titled Severed, an entirely student-driven production that became a semi-finalist at the Vancouver Film Festival awards. Listen in to hear how Lindsay enjoys her favorite decade in life and how she turned her life experience into a screenplay.

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