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A Note from Erin,

       The word “Love” comes to mind when I think of this month – Black History Month and Valentine’s Day. I am reminded of when Dr. Bernice King came to visit us last year and spoke of her father’s use of the phrase “Beloved Community,” which was originally stated by Josiah Royce, philosopher and theologian.  Dr. King defined a beloved community as a group of people that could come together to solve any social issue, division, or struggle. I am proud to say that Women Who Succeed embraces that definition. You continually offer your expertise, time, and resources to the young women of Utah so that the next generation of women are educated, confident, and giving leaders in our neighborhoods, our schools, and our businesses.
Thank you! 

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Registrations are OPEN until February 28, 2023.

Happy Black History Month

February is Black History Month, a time in which to reflect on all the accomplishments, resilience, and sacrifices of the Black community throughout history. This year’s theme is “Black Resistance,” which explores how “African Americans have resisted historical and ongoing oppression, in all forms, especially the racial terrorism of lynching, racial pogroms, and police killings,” since the nation’s earliest days. 

We’d like to recognize amazing members of Women Who Succeed who identify as African American and thank them for all they do for our community.

We asked our members who identified as African American to share their favorite quotes, books, podcasts, etc., for Black History Month.

Read more about Black History Month from our member Michelle Love-Day at the end of the newsletter. 

Mentee Highlight: Rachel Weaver

This month, we wanted to highlight an amazing former mentee who has moved on to do incredible things since getting her bachelor’s degree. Rachel Weaver was a mentee from the 2021-22 program year. You may recognize her as our featured mentee speaker at the Women Who Succeed Reception at the Dr. Bernice King event we held last April! She graduated from BYU in the summer of 2022 and currently works for Momentum Worldwide as a People Strategy and Inclusion Associate. Starting while a senior at BYU and continuing today, Rachel participated in many initiatives, panels, research, committees, volunteer opportunities, and DEI training to bring awareness to the experiences of Black students at universities around the country. Rachel was a powerful addition to our mentee program, and we are grateful for her tireless work in changing the world around her. Keep it up, Rachel!  

Applications Now Open!  Round 2- Women Who Succeed Scholarships

As a follow-up from the first round, in which 54 scholarships were awarded to mentees in this year’s cohort, a second round is now open from February 1st – 15th.  Mentees who have AND haven’t already received WWS scholarships are eligible to apply.  For your reference, mentees may apply using the WWS Scholarship Guidelines 🔗and Application🔗 documents.

Mentors, we ask for your promptness when providing letters of recommendation for your mentees who may apply.  If you feel more comfortable, please feel free to forward this to the WWS team directly.

Please note that the second round of scholarships is open from February 1st – March 15th.  Mentees who have and haven’t already received WWS scholarships are eligible to apply.  

Applications Now Open! 2023-24 Mentee Cohort

General registration for Junior Mentees and Mentees is now open to the public!  Applications will be accepted through April 1st, 2023.  We ask for your support in making these opportunities for mentorships, scholarships, and internships available to young women across the state- this may be done by:

 1. Sharing program information and applications with young women you know personally and in your personal/professional networks

2. Encourage your mentees to reapply for this coming cohort!  Please note that mentees must apply every year to rejoin the program. 

Join us for the Ken Garff Esports’ Spring Celebration!

Women Who Succeed is proud to partner with our sister Success in Education program, Ken Garff Esports.  Together, we are thrilled to invite students, parents, and the community to attend the Ken Garff Esports Spring Celebration to be held at the University of Utah Huntsman Center!  Doug Bowser, President of Nintendo of America, will join us as a guest speaker!  Check out THIS VIDEO🔗 to learn more.

Registered attendees can attend workshops, classes, campus tours, university tables, and friendly gameplay designed to enrich scholastic experiences through and beyond gaming.  This is a fantastic opportunity for 2,000+ attending Utah students to explore future careers in the technology industry.  

Date:  Friday, March 10th, 2023
Time:  8:00am – 5:00pm
Location:  John Huntsman Center at the University of Utah

As a WWS member we ask for your support by doing one (or more) of the following:

  1. Sharing the invitation🔗, hype video🔗, and registration link🔗 within your networks – EVERYONE is invited to attend!  Students, friends, families, and corporate/community organizations.
  2. Volunteering the day of the event: sign up as a volunteer 🔗
  3. Hosting a booth as a vendor to share more about your company with 2,000+ students and faculty 
  4. To reserve your booth, please complete and return the Vendor Form.🔗

We HEAR Her Podcast

Our Women Who Succeed have been busy sharing their stories, insights, and lessons learned in our We HEAR Her Podcast Series. Listen here and subscribe to our bi-weekly episodes! 

“The Little Things are Not as Big as They Seem”
with Addie Huff, Abigail Myers, and Hannah Jeff

Women Who Succeed mentees Addie, Abi, and Hannah all provide incredible guidance for young women in high school and college. Their advice about to try not to get caught up in the small stuff that seems so big in high school. Secondly, put yourself out there and try new things in college. Be bold and be ready to shift and enjoy the ride!

When You Hit Rock Bottom, Dig Deeper!
with Lizzy Solies

Lizzy describes how she overcame adversity as a teenager and young adult. Hear about her philosophy: when you hit rock bottom, dig deeper, plant a seed, and grow! As the Chief Operating Officer, she discusses empathetic leadership and how much she has learned from her mentees in Women Who Succeed.

You can listen to our We HEAR Her podcast on Apple Podcast, RSS, and Spotify. For more, visit the link below. 

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