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We HEAR Her is a podcast highlighting stories and lessons learned from our colorful network of Women Who Succeed. We believe that women empower women by sharing their experiences and are impactful changemakers when they serve as role models to girls following in their path. So, listen in women and girls of Utah, we can’t wait for you to hear her!

Bev Uipi, Millcreek City Councilwoman, shares how challenges can be self-inflicted or chosen for you, but either Brandy Vega, Owner, and Founder of Vega Media Studios and the non-profit Good Deed Revolution is a passionate, hardworking practical joker that opened her first business at the age of 5 selling pet rocks from the sidewalk in front of her home. Hard times were always the catalyst to Brandy’s next achievement. Listen in to hear how being vulnerable has become one of her biggest assets and helped move her closer to the next big thing! It’s also why we agree with Hyrum Smith when he said: “Brandy is the most impressive person I’ve met in a decade”.

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