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We HEAR Her is a podcast highlighting stories and lessons learned from our colorful network of Women Who Succeed. We believe that women empower women by sharing their experiences and are impactful changemakers when they serve as role models to girls following in their path. So, listen in women and girls of Utah, we can’t wait for you to hear her!

Dr. Sydnee Dickson, Utah superintendent of public instruction, has served the children of Utah as a proud educator for over 41 years. In this episode, Syd shares about her long journey of educational career opportunities that eventually led her to become a superintendent for Utah. Syd’s favorite part of her job is visiting Utah schools to see the great things happening in our schools and determine ways our system can move forward in order for every student to succeed. Listen in to hear Syd’s approach to using her heart while making challenging decisions about the Utah students’ future.

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