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A Note from Erin,

Louis Vuitton… WHAT?! YES! This could be for you! See Amy’s message below and it could be yours!

Happy holidays to all of you! I am so happy to have shared this past year with you! One of the things I love about Women Who Succeed is each of you can engage when, where, and however much depending on your bandwidth. We are grateful for any time, energy, talents and resources you can give at any time. A special thank you and shout out to the women who participated in selecting the scholarship recipients. What a gift to those young women – life changing for many!

Application Renewal and Membership Gift Sponsorship

With membership renewals coming up soon, we want to remind those of you who are sponsored by your workplace or company to approach them now.  So many of you have seen how willing your employers are to support your work with Women Who Succeed. We encourage you to look to your workplace for support in sponsorship and additional members to join you. More and more companies are finding ways to sponsor and elevate women in the workplace and Women Who Succeed is the perfect way to promote leadership from both sides of the business.

May we also suggest you ask for an additional scholarship or sponsorship for a mentor in the program who may find the membership gift a hardship at this time. We don’t want the membership gift to ever hinder anyone from applying but know it isn’t always easy. We are particularly interested in assisting potential mentors in rural Utah. Success in Education can sponsor a limited number of memberships each year, but those dollars are reduced from the program funding that is tied to the mentee and Jr. mentor scholarships. If you or your company is able to give more than the suggested $1,000 membership gift, please do so when you check out at registration at with your completed application. Any funds not used to sponsor a fellow member will go towards awarding more dollars to our mentees during the Y24/25 cohort.

Are your daughters and female family members participating in WWS?

Often times we hear from mentors that they have a daughter in high school or a family member that they wished would have joined as a mentee. Don’t forget about your own family when it comes to recruitment and the mentee program. Help set the members of your own family on the path to their post-secondary education. Spend time together and watch them find the confidence and leadership skills they need to take those next steps. Start them on the path of success with a scholarship to their higher ed institution of choice.  Reach out to Sydney at with any mentee questions you may have. 

RENEW your Application and COMPLETE your Registration for a chance to WIN a LOUIS VUITTON HANDBAG

Early Bird Registration for Y24/25 Open Now through Jan. 31. You must complete a new application so we can update any personal information and engagement changes. Please submit a new bio or headshot if updated, otherwise we will keep current.
We know that there are many demands in your busy lives. Still, you generously give your time, talents, and resources month after month – helping young women to pursue post-secondary education, building their leadership skills, and growing their confidence. We are so grateful for your ongoing support, love, and friendship and how you impact these young women to be the next generation of leaders.
We are already halfway through our Mentorship Cohort 2023-2024, with 275 mentees, 30 college-age mentors, and 67 mentors. These mentees recently had a chance to apply for the 1st round of scholarships that will be awarded in January 2024. In the last cohort, we awarded over $40,000 scholarships and facilitated over 30 internships. We could not do that without you!
We genuinely hope you are planning on renewing your membership for 2024/25!

Your current membership continues through May. However, open membership registrations are open from January 3 through April 15, 2024, due to the mentor/mentee matching process. The earlier you register, the easier it makes this process, and the better matched groups will be able to facilitate.

Renew your membership NOW through January 15, 2023, for a chance to win a luxurious Louis Vuitton handbag! The winner will be announced January 19th.


Scholarship Awards

In the first round of scholarship offerings for this cohort, we were proud to provide scholarships to 50 young women attending 16 different colleges!

With Utah ranking #1 in the nation for young women dropping out of college, one of the primary priorities for the Women Who Succeed program is for young women to enter into and complete higher education. With financial barriers serving as one of the greatest obstacles, these scholarships made possible by your membership dollars, will go far in helping these female students in their lifelong pursuits. Thank you for your support!

Mentorship Group Highlight: Lori Kaczka

In October, Lori wasn’t able to see all her mentees at the same Girls Give Back event because one of them attends Utah State University in Logan. Lori organized a fun activity that her mentees could participate in together a few weekends later – candle making!

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, so you may need to get creative with your mentorship meetings. Don’t hesitate to find new ways to meet and spend time with your mentees, even if it is outside of the regular Tuesday meeting.
A huge shoutout and thank you to Lori for getting creative and showing her mentees such a fun afternoon!



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