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A Note from Erin,


Happy Women’s History Month!  We are excited to celebrate and commemorate the vital role of women in American history and our contributions to history, culture, and society.  Women’s History Month grew out of a weeklong celebration of women’s contributions by the school district of Sonoma, California, in 1978.  Then, in 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued the first presidential proclamation declaring the week of March 8 as National Women’s History Week.  Six years later, the National Women’s History Project successfully petitioned Congress to expand the recognition to the entire month of March. 

It is an honor to celebrate this month with all of you and to commemorate all of the amazing women that went before us that may not have received the recognition they deserved. Within this month, we also have the opportunity to stop and celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, which recognizes the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women across the globe! BRAVO to all of you, and thank you for being such a model to me and so many others in your lives. 

Become a Women Who Succeed member!

We want YOU back! We know life is crazy and busy, but we’d love to have you back in Women Who Succeed.  Register in the link below, and let’s continue our great work for girls and young women across Utah. 

Why the Power of Mentoring Can Change the World by Shirley Liu

In honor of International Women’s Day, we recognize the powerful impact that strong, kind, resilient women have had in our lives- molding us into the individuals we are today.  Similarly, we appreciate the Women Who Succeed members, passing along that flame through mentorship, internships, and sharing earned life wisdom through workshops.  It was best said by Jessica Hurley: “So when you’re sitting there, in the midst of all this chaos, wondering what one of you can do to instill lasting change in this and future generations to come, know that there is power in mentoring.”   

“[When mentoring] I also started appreciated even more my career- thanks to the organizations, the schools, and the companies that had nurtured me and given me all of these skill sets to become a change agent in society.  Before meeting Sarah, I hadn’t realized that I’d grown to this powerful change agent.  And through my knowledge and my skill sets… I’m now able to apply them to society and make contributions as one single individual.  Ultimately, I realized that at the end of our lives there’s no bigger moment of truth than that.” 

Final Reminder: WWS Mentee Applications Open Through April 1st

We ask for your support in making these opportunities for mentorship, scholarships, and internships available to female students in Utah!  This may be done by: 

  1.  Sharing program information and the application link with young women you know personally and in your personal/professional networks: 

    a. Junior Mentee Application (7th-10th grade students) 
    b. Mentee Application (11th-grade students – college seniors) 

2.Current mentors, please encourage your mentees to reapply for this coming cohort!  Please note that mentees must reapply every year to rejoin the program. 

Mentee Feature: Kate Kaufman

Kate is finishing up her second year as a Women Who Succeed mentee, but being a mentee isn’t the only thing she’s been busy with: Kate has created a podcast called It’s Getting Better. It is a mental health podcast hosted by Kate, where teens tell their stories of overcoming challenges and finding hope. You can listen to the podcast here.

If you know of any young women who may want to participate in the podcast, they can fill out this form to join the show as guest speakers!  

We HEAR Her Podcast

Podcast of Women Who Succeed

Our Women Who Succeed have been busy sharing their stories, insights, and lessons learned in our We HEAR Her Podcast Series. Listen here and subscribe to our bi-weekly episodes! 

In this episode, Alaya and Reece discuss their bold moves, including moving to Utah from Hawaii and being okay with pivoting majors in college. Here is how they manage their busy lives in school, receiving recognition and engaging deeply in Women Who Succeed.

In this episode, Christina shares with us how she founded Domeyard LP hedge fund focused on high-frequency trading from her dorm room with only $1,000. Born in China and raised in Logan, Utah, in poverty, here is how determination, hard work, and growing from rejection made Christina who she is today!

You can listen to our We HEAR Her podcast on Apple Podcast, RSS, and Spotify. For more, visit the link below. 

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